Project ULISSE : UV ground based network

ulisseSUVIM is a Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA) network of stations measuring UV solar radiation with several instruments at each station, the network produces several UV radiation group at IASB-BIRA and providing UV indexes and solar irradiances at the stations in quasi-real time.

The project intends to distribute all the original data obtained since 1993 in the frame of the ULISSE metadata. 

The network consists currently of six stations with a complement of instruments at each station.

  • Description of the various instruments (.pdf, 154kb), there is an easy correspondence between the instrument descriptions and the names provided by the menus of this service at the fp7different stations for each year.
  • Synthesis of already processed instrument data and derived solar climatology parameters in graphic forms.

Video of the instruments of the station of Uccle

For any questions concerning this service and data use, please contact Christian Muller.